Car Stickers Australia

Personalise Your Vehicle with Our Quality Car Stickers in Australia

You can readily add some colour, show off your personality or advertise your business with our wide range of car stickers in Australia. Whether it’s on your bumper, window or door, our selection of stickers for cars in Australia is an affordable way to add a personal touch to your camper van, ute, four-wheel drive or horse float. We have an extensive range of designs, colours and sizes so that you can order a decal that meets your requirements. Alternatively, we make it easy for you to get a custom car sticker online.

Benefits of Car Stickers in Aus

Aside from being an affordable option for decorating your vehicle, consider the other benefits when you buy car stickers:

  • You can easily remove the decal: Car stickers are easy to remove without leaving residue behind on your vehicle. Whether you want to sell your car at a later time or change your sticker theme to something completely different, you can rest assured knowing that you can remove your current decal easily. The quick removal of a car sticker in Australia is more cost-effective than repainting your vehicle.
  • They are simple to reposition: Although you may try your best to place your sticker in the ideal position, if you are not happy with the placement you can easily remove it to reposition. By applying only light pressure to your sticker during your initial installation, you can stand back and check the placement of your decal to confirm it is where you want it before adhering it firmly to your vehicle.
  • They are useful for temporary advertising: Whether you want to promote a new service or a seasonal product, stickers on your car are a perfect advertisement. You can get custom stickers made with the required detail, and position these on your car window. Once the promotion ends or you want to replace the decal with a new product advertisement, you won’t have any hassles removing the old sticker.

What You Should Know About Stickers for Cars

Before placing a sticker on your car expressing your personality or viewpoints, ensure that you have bought a high-quality product.

  • Place specifically designed car stickers on your vehicle: To prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint, be sure to buy stickers for cars from trusted manufacturers and businesses. While it is less risky to place decals on your window or bumper, a quality-made car sticker will withstand weather conditions, ageing and car washes and ensures that you have the freedom to place it anywhere on your vehicle. Our stickers are made with a strong adhesive but won’t damage your car.
  • Remove the sticker carefully: When the time comes to replace your sticker, and you need to remove the old decal, be sure to go slow and peel it away carefully. You can gently heat the sticker to soften the adhesive or use glass cleaner for window decals to help with the removal process.
  • Avoid removing the sticker with sharp objects: Removing your old sticker with the help of a sharp object such as a blade can cause significant damage to yourself and scratch your vehicle. Plastic tools are a safer option and can help you keep your sticker intact if you want to reuse it.

Why Buy Car Stickers Online?

There are numerous advantages when you buy stickers for cars online.

  • It is convenient: Rather than scouting several stores only to find that they don’t have what you desire, online shopping is convenient as you can search for your ideal product any time of the day. Online stores are easy to navigate, and you can readily create a custom sticker by following our instructions.
  • You can select from a wide range of sticker options: You can view a wide range of stickers online from the comfort of your home. Most online stores have clear photos of their stickers with an example of how it will look on a vehicle. This advantage can help you select your ideal sticker as you have a better idea of the decal’s size and colour and how it will appear on your car.
  • It is cost-effective: Car stickers online are competitively-priced, and you can readily find a store that offers free delivery with your purchase. As you can buy directly from the supplier and cut out the middle man, you can get more for your money and buy multiple stickers or upgrade your custom decal. You also pay through a secure online platform which is quick and easy, so you avoid the need to stand in long queues at your local sticker store.

Consider This When Buying Stickers for Cars Online

When selecting your ideal sticker online, consider our tips to avoid disappointment.

  • Select the ideal size for your image: To ensure that your message is visible to everyone, be sure to select a sticker size that makes for easy viewing. If you go for small stickers, consider placing several close together to create a scene as this is more likely to draw the eye than if you only had one. Alternatively, for large decals, a single sticker can make an impact and is easy for viewers to see and read rather than if you crowd your vehicle with text or designs.
  • Make your text stand out: You should carefully consider the colour of your sticker, image or text depending on where you want to place the sticker on your car. You want to ensure that your message will stand out from afar. For example, a bright colour such as white will be easier to see and stands out against tinted windows or a dark paint shade. Black or dark stickers work well on light-coloured paint.
  • Keep your text easy to read: The more text you have on your sticker, the harder people have to work to read the entire message. If you want a custom sticker to promote a new product for your business, be sure to share only the important details. You should also select a font and size that is easy to read from some distance, especially if you place the sticker on your back window. This tip means that cars travelling behind you don’t need to get too close to read the text.

Tips Regarding Applying Your Car Sticker

Consider our application tips to get the most value out of your sticker and ensure it looks fantastic on your vehicle.

  • Clean the surface where you want to place the decal: We know how easy it is for dirt to stick to cars so to prevent this grime attaching to your decal, be sure to give the surface a clean. If you install a sticker to a dirty car then the adhesive will become less effective. You can readily clean the area with soap or rubbing alcohol. Try to avoid glass cleaning products as this will leave behind a residue that can stop the sticker from adhering.
  • Decide on your sticker's ideal location: There are various areas on your vehicle such as the bumper, back window, doors and bonnet where a sticker will look excellent. While you may know exactly where you want to place your sticker, we recommend testing it out before taking off the adhesive backing. To get an idea of what your decal will look like on your car, you can gently stick it to your vehicle with electrical tape and then stand back to get a better look. This way, you can readily adjust it to the ideal position without any hassle.
  • Place the decal precisely: As you peel the backing away from your sticker, be sure not to touch the adhesive side as you can transfer dirt to the backside. For stickers with transparent areas, this can leave an unsightly mark once your sticker is on your car. You should start with one end of your sticker and peel the backing away as you gently press the decal down and smooth it out to the other end. This method of removing the backing as you go helps to minimise air bubbles and stops the other end of your sticker from attaching to your vehicle.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Car Stickers Online

You can readily order car stickers from our wide selection of high-quality vinyl decals. We have an extensive range of sticker categories including frosted animal stickers, Australian, funny, motivational sayings, surfing, religious, tailgate wraps and more. We provide exceptional customer service with competitively priced car stickers as well as custom designs. Our professional and experienced team can assist you in creating the ideal custom sticker to suit your style and requirements. We supply computer cut decals and printed vinyl stickers using the latest equipment and technology to ensure that you receive a premium product. Contact us to order car stickers online.